The mystery of durians

MonoMonday's theme today is 'texture' , I immediately thought of durians , the so named 'King of fruits' with its spiky skin.

It will forever remain a mystery to me why this fruit is so popular in SE Asia. Fans tell me the fruit is silky and creamy like custard, but the one time I tasted it by accident I couldn't imagine why anyone would want to have custard tasting of spring onions, garlic with a hint of rotten fruit. It's probably one of those acquired tastes!

These ones are a life-size wooden copy of the real fruits, on display in a supermarket above triple plastic wrapped and packed wedges of the fruit, as the real fruits are extremely smelly, overripe melon with some other fruits and veggies about to turn bad comes to mind ;-)
Hotels and condominium flats don't allow people to take durians in, definitely not in lifts as the smell is overpowering and lingering ! The extra shows the colour of the skin and the inside of the fruit :-)
Thanks to 50plus for hosting the MonoMonday challenge in July!

And thank you very much for your lovely comments and stars for yesterday's orchids.

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