Peacock Flower

These are the amazing colours and details of the Peacock Flower Tree (Caesalpinia pulcherrima). I went to my old haunt the Singapore Botanical Gardens for a leisurely walk and some photography. I did go reasonably early, but it was already steaming hot. Which was rather good for the blocked sinuses, but I did look so hot and extremely red that two people told me to sit down and cool down ;-) I think I must have lost at least a litre of water. In any case it was quite enjoyable even when so hot. I must have walked more in one morning than in a month at home, I am starting to feel my legs and feet. I didn't take many pictures, but I've got two extras, one of a whole bunch of peacock flowers and details of the heliconia rostrata (hanging lobster claw) flowers and a rolled up leaf.

For Tiny Tuesday with thanks to osuzanna for hosting the month of August again.

Thanks so much for your kind comments, stars and even a heart for yesterday's durians :-)

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