Laksa lunch

It was lovely meeting up with Merry, Maddie and Sylvia, three FOM (Friends Of the Museums Singapore) friends for lunch this afternoon. We met at the Courtyard Cafe in the National Gallery Singapore where Sylvia was going to guide later this afternoon. All of us were and they still are FOM docents in all the various Singaporean museums under NHB (National Heritage Board) direction. And three of us did have laksa, one of my favourite spicy comfort foods, which was lovely even if I definitely couldn't finish it.

I had been planning to take a good look at the National Gallery afterwards, maybe follow Sylvia's tour, and visit the Yayoi Kusama exhibition, but ..... son no 1 came down with serious gastroenteritis last night, so bad that we had him stay over with us, and I went with him to our former gp to have him checked this morning. Two days off work, lots of rest, only boiled/steamed food and antibiotics ! So I let him stay in our room while going to the lunch meet, and thus had to go back after lunch and check how he was doing now. Seems to be going the right way ...
A mother's job is never done ;-)

Remember, tomorrow it's the first Abstract Thursday of the new month, so there is no theme, you're free to let your imagination and creativity go loose ;-) The tag will be AT110

Thanks so much for your kind comments, stars and even faves for yesterday's peacock flower

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