My life fragments 2020

By MrsLinda

Leaving South Africa

Taxi drivers are often said to be the first and the last people you meet in a strange country. In our case it was a car rental company employee. He was a nice chap, he checked our car and chatted with us for a while and then it was just the airport. I did some shopping to bring little something to my loved ones and said totsiens to this amazing country. My fears before the journey were soon dissolved and then they resurfaced once again several times when local reminded us of possible dangers but actually it was no more fear or worry but better put some kind of awareness. All these were outweighed by astonishment and love to people I felt there. I loved how they all greet with how are you? Expecting an answer, how they prepare their meals - always fresh and delicious and what natural treasures SA has to offer. I'd totally love to come back.

Thank you all for following my photo journal and kind commenting. I'm looking forward to checking up on yours.

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