Today I took Victoria to Bishop’s Stortford as she had an appointment. She is doing her exercises and her physiotherapy is going well; they are pleased with her progress.
While I waited for her I had a latte and ate a gluten-free caramel square in Café Thyme. Then I did a little shopping, a new water bowl for the cats. I wanted a large one and the only large ones I could find had dogs around the outside, but I do not think they can read. Then I bought some fruit and more wool and met Victoria. We had a short walk around the town so that she could visit some shops and then we had lunch in Prezzo, which is where today’s picture was taken. My husband went to Addenbrookes Hospital for a clinical focus meeting, something that we usually both take part in.
After returning to Victoria’s home I showed her how to cast off her knitting as she had forgotten and then we started another square in a different colour.

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