Grafton Bridge 0730 am

Gambled on getting to work without getting wet. Successful. Red lights stopped me opposite the start of Grafton Bridge.

Grafton Bridge was the longest single arch concrete bridge in the world at the time it was built. The balustrade was always about 4 ft high. Barriers were added above the balustrade, and at the same time the old gas lamps were changed to new electric lights of a very nondescript nature. In the mid 1990s the barriers were removed and the lights were changed to mimic the old gas lamps, while still being electric. About ten years later the current perspex barriers were added. More recently than that the bridge was strengthened, bus routes into the central city were changed to run them over the bridge, and cars and trucks were banned from using the bridge between 0700 and 1900. Bicycles and motorcycles can use the bridge at any time, as can pedestrians; including runners like this one.

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