Day for the surfers.

Another cloudy day sweating away. Last night our lowest was 26°C. They say that once the sky clears the humidity will drop. That should happen tomorrow, but luckily tonight shouldn't be as hot as last night.

Tomorrow dawn the boys will fly to Helsinki. It's 4 am wake up for all of us. Their flight is leaving at 6 am.

This shot was taken after 6 pm. The beach was crowded as hell. Perhaps it's due to the very hot day we've had (feels like 45°C). It's probably the only place where you feel cool. The pools are quite warm too... And ours was under maintenance today due to lack of following the using instructions.

Anyway it's still over 30°C in the shade and soon we have to take the dogs for their walk. It's just too hot for decent walk. :-/

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