Santa Rosa Creek

We went to Spinster Sisters for dinner last night. We went early and it was almost empty, which was great for us. It can get noisy there, but wasn't and we had the full attention of our server who was both friendly and funny. I had a delicious peach salad with local lettuce, flavorful, perfectly ripe peaches and feta. Just so my meal wouldn't be totally virtuous, I also ordered fresh corn fritters. I have a weakness for deep fried foods and never have them unless I order them in a restaurant. These were well worth the calorie splurge.

 Our server told us she felt sure she knew us from somewhere...turns out she recognized our car which was parked right in front. After playing the usual guessing game, we finally figured out that she had been in the vet's waiting room when we took Ozzie in and weighed him last week. She said, "Do you have an overweight dog?" Well, yes, but he's big boned.....He's also on a diet now and not happy about it.

We're under another severe weather warning...whatever that I walked down to the creek and took a nice leafy picture. I liked the dappled sunlight on the leaves and water. It gave the impression of coolness, although it isn't...

In fact, it's really too hot to do anything today. 

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