Close, but NO Coconut.

Another "Wallace & Gromit"© i.e. = A grand day out.
Kidnapped by Jerra & Clicky. (Thank the Lord for close relatives.)
Run into Carlisle, where I made history by buying my first Shirts, Sox and "Kex", without the guidance of Alice.
Thence to Dobbies, via Toby Carvery. Seldom do I have a Sunday Dinner in mid-week.
As is, always, the case at a Garden centre we, collectively, tend to go Macro. (MUST try and break the habit.)
I had not intended to copy Jerra, but had whittled my choices to "either/or". Of the two, I preferred  the "OR".
In mitigation I hasten to point out it is NOT the same Dahlia.

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