Mediterranean Wanderer

By monkeyhanger

Reduce reuse recycle

You can't get more re-cycle than this.  picked up a ready for the scrap heap frame on ebay and the only reason it was worth starting with was that I haven't had a frame with carbon seatstays before.  The headtube had a massive crack down the front.  This has been ground out and welded up.  The bottom bracket was seized in place.  This was soaked overnight, clamped in the vice and the frame actually wound off the bracket.  

The seat post was also seized in place.  Again a good soak and some elbow grease and the vice worked the trick.  

I then picked up some Vision Tri-Max wheels that had all the bearings totally shot but now I have managed to press out all the cartridges and have ordered 6 new ones.  So soon they will be back together fully and it will be time to true these babies up ready for the road.  I've ordered some lighter all carbon forks from China and they are en-route.

I'm now looking forward to getting the paint and decals onto the frame to bring it back from the dead.

Can't wait for my first cycle following the ya see what I did there...did ya? did ya?

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