Mediterranean Wanderer

By monkeyhanger

Almost there.

My Re-cycling project really came on as we had no rain over the weekend, which allowed me to finish rubbing down the frame and I have then applied etch primer, and 3 coats of satin black.  This was followed by Felt decals and then a deep coat of matt lacquer.

The wheels have been treated to a full new set of bearings as the original owner have run them into the ground to the point that one of them had collapsed totally.  They are now spinning like new.

I swapped over my bars and shifters, dura ace crank and ultegra cassette from another bike.

All that remains is to fit the dura ace rear mech I am waiting for delivery of.  This was a recent score from eBay and is going to help to keep the weight down.  I have an old tiagra mech but that would not have done this project justice.

I am just now anxious to get this thing finished to allow me to get some miles on it and see if I can get my fitness up to let me sign up for a decent event.  (I'm thinking big belter, which is a 112 mile annual ride or there is a help for heroes ride in East Lothian) 

Not sure if this is another mid life crisis thing, but I am excited to find out.....this has got to be the fastest bike I will have ever had, it's most certainly the lightest with the best set of wheels I have ever owned.

Just have to try hard not to kill myself on this bad boy. 

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