Mediterranean Wanderer

By monkeyhanger


Bought scrap frame, sorted it, fitted groupset and wheels, signed up for a sportive.  Completed the 68 mile middle distance and now sitting with ice pack on torn hamstring. 

Totally worth it!

Route was tough with a combined ascent of over 5000 ft and the views were amazing.  The bike was awesome and there was a scary descent where I recorded over 50 miles per hour and there was a cattle grid at the bottom just round a slight bend, which I ended up having to take at over 40....(brown trouser moment)......that was a first.

My hamstring started hurting at the halfway mark but by the end I could barely turn the pedals.  

Google to the rescue....turns out you need RICE....who knew?  Rest Ice Compression Elevation.  And you know what, it really works.  I've been switcing in freezer packs for 20 minute sessions.  I am onto 4th of the planned 5 sessions today.  Each time it seems to improve.

Still feel good about having done it and hope to take part in another as soon as I am fit.

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