Plus ça change...

By SooB


Drearily rainy day, with occasional tropical downpours.  So obviously we headed out for a walk in Hyde Park…  Mostly we sheltered under a big umbrella with the bouncer for the Diana Memorial Playground.  We flirted with the idea of visiting Kensington Palace, but in the end just wandered around the gardens (which I’d never seen) during a longer-than-normal break in the rain then dashed from bus shelter to bus shelter until we bumped into a bus that would take us to the Natural History Museum.  Very busy there, of course, but the geology bits were quieter so we mooched there for a while, then home at a run when we spotted that our friends from Belfast would be arriving any minute.

And on the way home we released a pigeon from the Hammersmith and City line (we think it was his stop).
Lots to catch up on with our friends – it seems an age since we saw them – so some hanging out at home with some bottles of champagne, then off to the pub for a slap up meal.  Home to hang out again and marvel at how there’s always another story (Borneo, sailing) to tell or more bits of the world to set to rights.

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