Plus ça change...

By SooB


We were all on surprisingly good form this morning (the surprise really was that mobilisation started in the a.m. part of the day for all the grown ups, given that last night had already stolen quite a lot of this morning).  Coffee to aid wakefulness, then we were aiming for brunch at a local café – which was full given it was pretty much lunch time – so we headed for our nearest hipster pub (you’re never far from one in London, like rats) for a very fine meal and quite the most welcome shandy I’ve had for a while.

I was told the wallpaper in the ladies was fab.  However, put off by the huge number of stairs to get there (and that I didn't need to, you know, go) I sent TallGirl up to take a snap.  And rather fabulous it is too.
Our pals had to head off to Heathrow, and – with our afternoon plans falling through – we just lay around doing not very much until it was time to catch up on sleep!

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