Plus ça change...

By SooB

View from the top

From the top of the village, that is.

Early start for some crisis management, then diy shopping with Mr B.

Later, much work, some garden clearing, some teenage sulking, punishment of last resort and a rapprochement. Later still the terrace folk met several problems that we predicted but they seem to have ignored. But it seems that it will be fine, or at least that we can safety-proof it for the weekend!

Later still, Mr B and attempted to fix some issues with the olive bench, then stain it - including a dramatic moment where Mr B kicked over the pot of (concentrated) stain shouting “Bring all the things”, which we were well aware meant “bring kitchen roll”, which is the saviour in most scenarios. (There is some remedial sanding in my immediate future...)

Telly followed. Tomorrow, another visit to the material shop for yet more of the velvet I made them send back the first time, and other stuff. Then I must send out the stack of contracts on my desk.

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