Plus ça change...

By SooB


Today was the day I realised that the garden is overwhelming.  While we were away a forest has grown.  An area of about 30 square metres that was (maybe) knee-deep with weeds now boasts closely packed trees about 12 feet high.  And all the paths are green with weeds up to my thighs.  So I ignored a lot of that and spent some time looking at the pond, which is just the same as I left it!
This afternoon TallGirl helped with some weeding, but I fear there are many such hours ahead.  She is adamant that I have to stick to the no-chemicals plan, but I’m not sure she’ll hold me to that when I make her come through on her “well I’ll weed the paths then” promise…  Otherwise her day was mostly about building a cardboard maze/castle for the rabbits.  They love it, but spend most of their time 'rearranging' it.  (With the benefit of backblipping I can confirm that TallGirl eventually gets bored with putting it back together every hour and just ties it together with string.  Which also doesn't work as they can eat string.)
Later a big success when I worked out why the vacuum keeps overheating.  Turns out, it has a filter and after 8 years of use (the first 3 of which on a building site) it is somewhat clogged.  That was a fun job.  (Not.)
And later Mr B arrived home.
And later still I realised that my back was burnt after all that weeding.

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