A farewell gift

Today I went to my art group. Our teacher/leader has moved areas so next week will be her last class and there will be a lunch and presentation to mark her last day. 

The only computer savvy one amongst us put together a collage of photos of piece of art from each of us. Mine is the charcoal piece bottom right, done from a photo I took on a wet day in Liverpool a few years ago.

She spent a long time putting it together, got it mounted and framed at the local framer and brought it in today for us to see. It looks very good and our leader will love it but I immediately noticed a spelling mistake (ex teachers can't help it). As it was framed I didn't like to say anything and no-one else did either although I'm sure that they would have spotted it.

Unfortunately I'll miss the leaving lunch as I have an appointment that I can't change. .

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