Two Carder Bees in a row

I've gone back to my 45mm Panasonic macro for my photo today.  This little bee was checking out all the flowers on this everlasting wallflower and moving quickly from one to another, so I needed the auto focus to work for me today.

I've been clearing out the audio system from my old desktop computer today and needed to call on Merv for some help.  The sub-woofer was huge and only just fitted into the space, so took some getting out.  I think it will be on its way to to the recycling centre tomorrow.  The old computer (built like a tank) has gone to see Tony at the Post Office, who will recover the data from the hard drive, though I'm really not sure there is much I want on there.  Then that too needs to go to the computer graveyard.  (what a throw away society we are!)

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