Had a busy morning working from 'home.'  (NB, there is an important distinction between 'working' from home and working from 'home.')  After a quick lunch, Mum and I drove to Bath and went to the Holburne Museum, which was lovely.  It's got a great collection, but is also a really nicely manageable size.  After about an hour, we had a little wander around Sydney Gardens behind the museum, then a quick coffee in the museum cafê.

The car park was still open for another hour, so we had a short walk over into the city centre, to look at the Abbey and the area around there.  We've both been to Bath several times before, but neither of us had ever noticed this rather amazing weir in the river there.  Spent a little while watching and photographing, then back to the car and back to Wells.  I picked up some fish and chips for tea on the way, then had a nice lazy and lardy evening in front of the TV :)

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