Lottery: "It's a winner!"

Having never bought a lottery ticket in my life I ended up buying two today.
What brought about this change?
Well, I saw  these waiters walking around Bridge of Allan carrying silver platters.
Even by the standards of this town, it seemed extravagant.
Maybe it was a wedding, after all, we do have a very smart hotel here, the Royal, and it’s a popular venue, but no it turned out to be a PR stunt to promote the National Lottery.
It seems this postal code –FK- is considered to be one of the luckiest in the UK with 141 big winners including 20 Millionaires created in this area.
Now I do like a bit of a gamble so I popped into the Allanwater newsagent and bought two tickets. 
Maybe tomorrow I will become the 142 millionaire in central Scotland.
M  just told me this joke
A Glasgow businessman prays to the Lord:
“My partner has run off with all the money, my wife has left me, can you just see your way to helping me win the Lottery?”

The  clouds part and voice from Heaven speaks:

“ Meet me half way, buy a ticket.”

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