Marking Time

By Libra

There's a gun in the house

There’s a knock on the door. Open it. Two policemen are standing there.
“It’s been reported you have a gun in the house.”
I’m stunned.
“We’ve come to collect the gun.”
“What gun? There’s no gun here.”
“We got a phone call to say you had one.”
What on earth? Seems M had been doing a bit of decluttering of the attic in my absence and had unearthed a rifle bought some 30 years ago.
Discover he had rung the police who offered to collect it. After all, he did not want to walk through the streets of Bridge of Allan carrying a rifle….
Well these young policemen (yes they look very young these days) from Forth Valley police were very obliging and offered to collect it.
Hence the knock on the door.

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