By Veronica


Today was the hottest yet I think -- and not only hot, but very humid. When I set off to Perpignan in the late afternoon, it was 36C. Blipmeet time! I met TickyTocky and Mrs TT in the Place de la République and we swiftly headed for a refreshing cold drink. I was impressed by TickyTocky blipping live from the cafe table, dictating his words into his phone!

Every Thursday evening during July and August, the centre of Perpignan is filled with dozens of musicians, so you can wander about listening to whatever takes your fancy. It must take a lot of organising -- there's music for every taste and hordes of people on the sreeets. Although on the evidence, it may tend more towards quantity than quality. There were jazz quartets, a string quartet playing film music in the courtyard of the town hall, a Pied Piper leading a string of rats (I felt really sorry for the poor people inside those furry costumes!), an amusing a capella group inside a porch (see extra). At one point, for some unknown reason, all the women in this group took their knickers off mid-song and waved them in the air. I decided to spare you this scene.

We encountered these rubberneckers on the way to a cafe for another bout of cold refreshment. The place was so crowded that it took half an hour to get served by the lone and not very efficient waitress. It was dark by now, so we wandered back to the Castillet, taking in a blues band on the way, and then said goodbye. When I set off home, it was 10 pm and 31C -- phew, I was glad of the aircon in the car! Yet another cool shower, and bed.

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