George 'n Harry

By George_n_Harry

If the cap fits.....

We've been busy today. 

SHE did take me for a walk this morning, quite early, and I thought oh-ho.  What's up!  And sure enough she went out this afternoon, but only for a couple of hours.  SHE did tell me that it was the quickest meeting in the history of meetings.  So that was OK.

Then it did start to blow a bit, and this time SHE said oh-ho.  The storm's blowing in, we better go for our walk.  So we did, and we went the long walk, which is the best fun in the world, and she's starting to think that it's not quite long enough, because I can keep up no matter what, and I never ever sit down - not like some other dogs we may have known in our past.

But here's the best bit.  You'll never guess what she did say - right out loud so anyone could hear.  SHE did say - George, you're my little mate.

Well, I could hardly believe my ears.  My chest did swell and I got a smile on my face, and I did feel so happy I could have danced.  In fact I did dance a little bit.

I'm her mate.  That means we are bestest friends. 

How good is that!!!

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