George 'n Harry

By George_n_Harry

Words fail

I mean - what do I look like?  I look like a girl with frizzy hair, that's what I look like.

Anyway, we did go out for our walk very early this morning, because I was carrying on like a pork chop wanting to play and SHE didn't want to play so we compromised and went for a walk instead.  And we did get very wet indeed.

In fact we got so wet, we had to shelter at the Belair Railway Station and there was this man there with a camera, and they got chatting (as you do when you see a man with a camera); and it turned out that they had a mutual friend (Steve at the Camera shop).  And they was talking and talking.

Now here's the thing.

did I make a fuss - no I did not.
did I yip?  No I did not
did I pull on the lead?  No I did not.

All I did was sit there very patiently - we was near a puddle so I got a drink, and then I did sit down again.  And eventually when the rain and the conversation stopped, we did walk home. 

And when we got home, she did get hold of a large towel and did give me a rub down, which I liked very much, except that it made me look like a girl with frizzy hair.

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