It was the final day of the Scottish Six Day Orienteering Festival and I had my best position at 17th today as the terrain was just to my liking and good to my knees!

After my run I had a couple of hours before Tony went out on his course and came in to finish so I went back out on to the area and managed to take 1600+ photos of orienteers of all shapes, sizes, ages and ability.

This is Zoe, one of our fine young women athletes.  She gives her all to everything she does and is always smiling and full of fun.  Her blue number tells spectators she is running on the tough elite course and yet she still had time for a few words and a smile as she came past me through this control at speed.

Then it was the long haul home, pausing for petrol at Stirling and late dinner at Tebay where we met up with the Heap family, also breaking their long journey south.

A great end to our three weeks in Scotland, except that Tony has come away with a heavy cold (!)  Now time to relax for a while methinks.

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