Glen Feardar East

The agony of the run in.  On Day 6 the elite men and women set off in reverse order of their results over the 5 previous days.  Son R has overtaken two of the runners who set off before him. He was happy with that even though younger brother had a faster time by about 20 minutes. 

My effort today was the worst of the 6, I made 3 mistakes. Walking round, you should not make any mistakes at all  and so far I have been accurate but very slow. Today I was inaccurate and slow, finishing in 76 minutes compared with Kiteseeker who won our class today in 37 mins. This means she was 2nd overall the 6 days and I am sorry I did not realise this and stay to take her photo standing on the podium for you all.  I finished 20/35, not last by any means.  I am happy with that and my hip is still in one piece!

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