By PicLocata

Kirkabister Ness Lighthouse

On our last full day on Shetland, we returned to Bressay for a circular walk. Starting at the ferry pier we climbed West Hill (the highest point on the island) and then Ward of Bressay (which we could see from our cottage). It was quite a hard walk because of the extensive peat hags on the hills. Good views of golden plover were some compensation.

The lighthouse at Kirkabister Ness stands on a spectacular rocky point with an arch.

We paused for ice creams and then had to walk hard for our chosen ferry. It wouldn't have mattered if we had missed it, but once committed we didn't want the effort to be wasted. We were encouraged by the sight of a young man, obviously a local, strolling for the ferry, and then chagrined that he easily outpaced us with no sign of effort!

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