By PicLocata

HMS Cheerful remembered

On our final day on Shetland, we walked around the peninsula of Helli Ness. It was quite hard at first; along the southern edge the path runs outside the fence and very close to the cliff edge.

At the tip there is a trig point, with a wreath for 44 officers and men lost when the destroyer HMS Cheerful sunk on 30th June 1917. It hit a mine, east of this  point. (My view is to the north - I didn't know the position of the sinking when I took it.) The wreath, Shetland

This is a remote spot, and I doubt many people have visited since the wreath was laid. It has suffered a bit in the wind, and I weighted down the flag and sign as best I could (see extra). I doubt many people have visited this remote spot since the wreath was laid. However it's good to know that the sailors are still remembered, 100 years later.

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