Breitling Wingwalkers

Wonderful afternoon at The Shuttleworth Collection. It's late, I'll finish this in the morning. 

PS I was stung by a bee I hadn't seen on my bottle of water soon after I got there. My hand started to swell and I quickly took my wedding ring off. By the time the Calidus gyrocopter did its display my hand was nearly as big as the plastic ones the pilot uses to wave to the crowd. 

I loved taking pics of all the planes. One of my favourites was the Po2, probably because they were flown as night bombers by feisty female Soviet pilots in WWII. They were especially feared and known as Night Witches.

The Brietling Wingwalkers were fantastic, those girls must be superfit. As for the Red Arrows, I've never been to a display featuring them, I've only captured them well in the distance. What an immense thrill to see and hear them at close quarters. I was moved to tears. My extra shows what I think was the tornado maneouvre. 

The theme for the display was Edwardian Pageant. Unfortunately it was too windy for the flimsy old Edwardians to fly. I'll go again to try to catch the Bristol Boxkite in the air.

Today's poem is If I were loved, as I desire to be by Alfred, Lord Tennyson.

Love conquers all. 

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