... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Day 154: Hostage

In a tighter spot in large.

So apparently they're not (all) as stupid as they (usually) seem...
I had to be given Leave (to leave the ward, with an escort...) in order that I could attend an appointment at another hospital, but they (my authoritarian "leaders") demanded that my camera(s), bag, and wallet remain on the ward as hostages to (rather effectively) deter me from going AWOL.
Scuppered my "escape and photograph birds" plan, although I was still painfully tempted (I had a phone, and legs).

So I got to to walk about 50m outside (ward -> taxi, taxi -> hospital, hospital -> taxi, taxi -> ward), but not with a camera, and not in any freeing sense (with threats of ludicrous repercussions, and with the HCA almost on my arm).

"FML" as they (and I, apparently) say...

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