... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Eagle Pond: Goosle Fledgling

More windswept in large.
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Eee, the Goosles still have their fledgling! Mr. isn't at all pleased with the situation, and chases it when it gets too close to him or (esp.) Mrs. It was a windy day, and lots of leaves had fallen from the willow, so the fledgling was poking about underwater to pull up the fallen leaves which was sweet to watch.
I think it can now fly, as it was nowhere to be seen in the morning; Mr. and Mrs. had presumably taken it off house hunting (dropping hints)...

There were also cootlings (one tiny one, and several teenage-seeming ones), moorhenlings (a couple of large squealing ones, and some teenage-seeming ones), tufted ducklings, and mallardlings on the pond.

I've uploaded quite a few other shots (right from here).
Protective tufted duck: staring at a coot, staring at me, dribbling
Tufted ducklings: silky, droplet-beaded, diving, all five
Goosle fledgling: picking leaves, submerged. striding, looking goofy, dribbling, striding 2, picking leaves 2, close-up, close-up 2
Mallardlings: all four, close-up, close-up 2
Goosles: approaching the fledgling, Mr. looking daggers, Mrs.!, Mr. flapping, Mr. in ancient Egyptian pose

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