A Knitting Day

So that Victoria does not have to spend too many days at home on her own, I collected her this morning and brought her to my home for the day. Her recovery is going well, she is doing her exercises, including some new ones given to her yesterday and making very good progress.
It has rained all day and at times this has been torrential; I suspect we might have a pond at the bottom of the garden for the first time since last year. The road at the front of the house is flooded as usual.

Victoria is learning to knit and completed the red square today. She has now mastered casting on and casting off and her tension is becoming more even. The aqua wool in the picture is the start of another square, which she has cast on and knitted one row. The weather provided a good excuse for knitting and I have completed three hats, one for a newborn and two for premature babies. The third hat, also for a premature baby is still on the needles will be finished this afternoon. The patterns I use regularly are free to use and produced and copyrighted by Marianna. Anyone can use them and a great many people knitting for charity find them invaluable. The two patterns are Amity and Babbity and are very easy to follow, unlike some that can be found on the Internet.

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