... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Day 156: HA!

More celebratory in large.

Yes, that's a suspicious and concerned look from the one, and blissful positivity from the other.
So today was strange: after much contradictory and conflicted discussion, I will be free from 25th August!
FREE! I can't believe it... That means experiencing weather again, not getting looked at in the night, Spain in September, Goosle visits, cafe crawls, ...
I even got to go out today with no escort, no legal papers, no threats, no 'Where are you?' phone calls...

BUT, in my haste to get out (before they could change their minds), I managed to snatch my camera but no memory cards (second time in my life): I even have a small capacity backup card that just lives in the camera that I somehow managed to leave. So, this is a phone picture celebrating a (foreshadowing) moment in The Real World avec mes parents.

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