... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

St. James's Park: Ross'sling Nibbling

Prettier plumage and ripplier reflections in large.

Visited the Ross'sling in the rain... *sigh*
I had the macro mounted, so wanted to get ultra-close (more so than usual...), and while I managed to get v. close to the father (and his knobbly nose), I only got portrait close to the Ross'sling. Back-up plan was reflections in the puddles, and it was rather more obliging on that front, drinking from puddles, synchronised sipping with its mother, and dripping/rippling.
Other amusing shots included preening behind parent, drinking dangling droplets, and goose-stepping fledgling.

Others here (or right from Motorcycles in the rain: jealous, not jealous...)

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