... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

St. James's Park: Pelichaos

More madcap in large.
My blip is the first of three funny shots (right from here)
Punky portrait
Lion k[ootl]ing
Flapping for food

Met a friend at St. James's Park and we went to see the feeding (frenzy) of the juvenile pelicans... It was as mad as the first time, although today's keeper handled the situation far less well that the one I saw previously (who kept much calmer). My blip shows the pelican grabbing for the food box, the keeper grabbing the pelican, and the other pelican biting the first one's head... The young female was fed before the others arrived, and was much more polite.
We also saw tiny cootlings which were hard to resist, and it was nice to see the Ross'sling even if she and her kin kept far from the path...

Today's others are at the bottom of this page (or right from Shy cootling?)

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