... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Carshalton: Wagtail-and-wings

More balletic in large.
Grey wagtail close-up
Grey wagtail by the water
Beautiful demoiselle: in flight and on leaf

Im and I went to Carshalton Ponds in the morning... There was a pair of grey wagtails poking around, and one was very tame. It was by the (not yet open) tearoom, so I suspect it is used to picking up crumbs. I followed it around for a little while getting the closest shots I've ever managed of a wagtail, but it was this take-off that was the most dramatic catch.
We then walked on to Wilderness Island (a little nature reserve), and saw a kingfisher as we ambled along the Wandle, and saw a beautiful demoiselle in the reserve, amongst other fluttering things. Im's been to Wilderness Island before, and I've no doubt that we'll return again.

Others here (or right from Heron in flight)

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