... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

WWT Arundel: Black-necked Swan

More surprising in large.
Favourites below, and as extras pro tem...

This swan didn't notice the stump, and gave swanself a shock by bumping into it.
My mother and I went to the Wetland Centre at Arundel; I'd been before with Imogen (blipped here), but my mother hadn't been... It was rather drier this time (although we had both rain and shine), and we saw lots of lovely creatures. Highlights included the common scoters, two trumpeter swans, this characterful black-necked swan, the swan geese, and the endangered scaly-sided mergansers (which have bred successfully this year, so there were ten juveniles as well as the four adults I saw previously). I also liked the unusual white-backed duck, which isn't really closely affiliated to any other duck...
There are twenty nēnēs at WWT Arundel (!) and we saw six emperor geese, but we couldn't go in with the emperors, so didn't get nibbled... Got close to the cape shelducks though which was nice.

Other favourites:
Common scoter: Keeping an eye on me, Bendy bird, Preening on side (2/3)

Chestnut teal: ... in the wind, Preening
Black-necked swan: Portrait
Scaly-sided merganser: Portrait of a long bird
White-backed duck: Going for a fallen leaf (2/4), Final flap (2/2)
Cape shelduck: Posing?

I've uploaded an album here (or right from Common scoter)

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