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By Chamaeleo

WWT Arundel: V. Wet-lands Day

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We spent the day at WWT Arundel, sister site to WWT Barnes.
It was seriously wet (the conditions ranged from driving drizzle to sheaths and sheets of rain...), but we had a jolly time nevertheless.
They had lots of familiar faces (including LOADS of naughty nēnēs, Emperor geeseEiders, chestnut teals, rosy-billed pochards, and Chiloe wigeons), as well as lots of favourite birds that I don't often see elsewhere (inc. trumpeter swans, swan geese, Harlequin ducks, and Orinoco geese) and some that I'd never seen before, except in pictures (inc. bronze-winged ducks, scaly-sided mergansers, white-backed ducks, Argentine ruddy ducks, and Baikal teals). 
The staff are wise to the nēnēs's escape-artist antics, so have signs warning visitors to close the gates quickly on their account; the nēnēs at Arundel seem more obedient than the foursome at Barnes, although they still had an obviously irrepressible rebellious streak.
Favourites yesterday included the long-tailed ducks, characterful scoters, cape shelducks (AKA South African shelducks), friendly trumpeter swans, and utterly adorable maned ducks (AKA Australian wood ducks). The Emperor geese and nēnēs go without saying...

Flickr set here (or right from here).

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