Sausage Sizzle

The poor wee mite deserved her roll and sausage today - with extra ketchup, mud and rusty old car seasoning - after we'd trekked three miles through Devilla Forest to our lunch stop. It kept her chirpy cheerful the other two and a quarter back, topped up with some Haribo and carrying a half deflated helium balloon on a stick. Well done that lass.

Inst-"Bear Grills"-ography, his good lady and good daughter here, along with And-"no pylons"-moff and his two log clambering offspring, with me and "Hollow Legs" Euan tagging along, spent a very enjoyable afternoon walking along the meandering forest tracks.

Steven was in full Ray Mears mode with his impressive mobile kitchen and we kicked up some braw smells on the shrinking shores of Peppermill Dam searing sausages and brewing mugs of tea. Always tastes better outside, though some selfish members of the party brought along grill-hogging square sausage that meant the fire had to be re-kindled so others could squeeze in their pork links.

Lots more to explore over there so I'm sure we'll be back another day (first dibs on the grill this time though).

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