A day full of memories. Our annual cousin's reunion when as many of the children (now between 59 and 79) of my Mum's 6 brothers and sisters get together to keep in touch and reaffirm family memories from the past and hopefully create a shared experience for the next generations.

It was also a time for walking down memory lane on a couple of occasions during the day. In the morning I took Hugo on a walk out of the way while food for the afternoon was being prepared. I walked around the cricket ground, past the family house, shown in extras, where my parents lived for 50 years and which was always home to me.

I'd not been back into the garden since Dad left in 2009 however, today I knocked on the door and the current occupiers where very welcoming and very interested in my story. They'd found a couple of stone ornaments in the garden that said "Granny's Garden" and "Grandad's Garden". I'm not sure if it was one of my two boys or my brother's two who brought them for my mum and dad. They are part of the garden and promised to look after them.

Years ago dad had planted a couple of apple trees, they were still there, vigorous and full of fruit. I was invited to take a few which I did. A great memory which forms part of today's blip alongside a few acorns from the mighty oaks which grow in the parkland around the house. I've long promised myself I'll grow an oak in memory of my parents and the place where they lived for most of their lives. Perhaps one of these acorns will be successful.

After the do we went on another walk around Wellington, visiting places and walking roads I'd not been to since I was a child or youth. Some places were just as I remember, others changed out of all recognition.

As I said, a day of memories.

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