Time stood still

Time stood still - Bad English

One of my oldie favourites, I did/do like almost anything John Waite sang

Playing with a mini sundial  necklace, depicting Atlas carrying the sky above his head and old watches and pocket watches.
At first I thought I'd use the Rollworld app to make Dali-like melting clocks, see the extra, but in the end I just used a mono macro of the necklace and did an overlay with the rollworld image on the actual dial.
Time never stands still, does it, but we do have the idea that sometimes it does and images do make the time stand still.

Thanks very much for your AT entries, it will be fun seeing how you interpreted time into abstracts! Don't forget to tag your entry AT111 and do have a look afterwards to see if the tag has stuck your entry into the collection.  Sometimes it just doesn't work to my utter frustration.
If your entry does not show up please tell me, so that I won't miss
your entry.

Thanks so very much for your kind comments and stars on yesterday's garden set !

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