Memories of Pittenweem

While in Pittenweem a few days ago at the Arts Festival, I fell in love with this painting of the harbour buildings and boats....... so I bought it.  The artist was a lovely man, and when I said I wanted to purchase it he was very pleased.  I offered him my credit card, not having that amount of money on my person, but he had no facility to process it.  He suggested a cheque, but I had no cheque with me.  

..... and then he said "just take it home with you and send me a cheque tomorrow".   I must have an honest face, but I was amazed.  "Are you sure?", I said, and he was adamant that he was a good judge of people.

However, the HG decided we could go to the post office and he would withdraw funds, so that's what we did.   Now all I have to do is pay him back!

Back home, we re-positioned some of our art and it now has pride of place in the centre of one of our walls!

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