Croesi i Gymru

I have driven over this bridge so many times and it always makes me happy!
I spent three very fabulous years at University in Cardiff and - unbelievably - have only been back once in the sixteen years since I left!
I was excited as we set off in the car. I was practically hysterical by the time we got to the Severn Bridge!!
The sun was shining; there were no children asking if we're nearly there yet; we had treats; I had lots of leg room as my seat, for once, was all the way back and we were on our way to Wales. Woohoo!!!!!
My euphoria wore off a bit around Newport as we sat in stop-start traffic for hours and crawled our way towards Cardiff. Slowly.
In fact me and Mr K almost came to blows at one point following an incident with a lane change and an indicator.
I won't say he drives like an old lady because that would be mean and insulting to old ladies......
Hee hee!!!!
Anyway, we eventually made it and after a quick stop in our hotel to take in the beautiful view of the three lane roundabout in front of the steel works we went out to get some food before going to see the hilarious John Bishop. Just brilliant!
It's good to be back.

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