Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Brunel Bridge & Bristol Balloons

At 3am I was out of my pit to meet up with new blipper RobBris50 to photograph the 6am sunrise lift off of The Bristol International Balloon Festival. I'd not met Rob before but he's a delightful chap and great company, and knew the best spot to get the photo's we needed!

I arrived at 4.45am and made my way to the observatory overlooking the Brunel Bridge where I took a photo (see extra) of this famous bridge lit up at night, before meeting Rob at the appointed time of 5.30am.

The balloons started appearing at 6.15am and it wasn't long before they were loads floating over Bristol, nicely framed by Brunels Bridge. My favourite photo of the day shows them and the view looking down the gorge of the early morning traffic.

We packed up about 7.45am and went for a coffee before I headed home, very pleased that I'd made the effort. I'll be meeting up with Rob again and taking him around Cardiff. Another lovely blipmeet!

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