... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Day 159: Goofy Goosle-ling

More adorably awkward in large.

Eee, Goosles...
This is the smallest of the three Goosle goslings: the other two are rather larger and more mature, so I suspect that this one has issues. It seems to be getting on OK, and certainly has chutzpah...
They're now sufficiently large that Mr. is starting to lose his patience...
I've uploaded quite a few photos to Flickr here (or right from these mallardlings).
Some highlights:
Looking up at the herons
Heron in territorial dispute
Hunting heron (series right from here), inc. Chihuly splash
Fluffy mallardling
All five Goosles
Mr.  flapping out of the pond [=Alternative]
Mrs. jumping out
Goofy goslings

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