Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Remembering ...

These two memorial plaques have hung in - as far as I remember - one or two places in Holy Trinity during the time I've been there; now they are on the chancel arch under the hymn numbers. Appropriate enough, that - both remember church musicians, one an organist and another a chorister who served for 40 years, both long dead. I don't know that anyone else actually polishes them, but brass polishing is the only bit of church cleaning that appeals to someone who does precious little cleaning in her own home, so when I'd finished the splendid lectern this afternoon I tackled the plaques with the last bit of metal polish.

Like the lectern itself, these were, I suspect, originally lacquered, but as any aficionado of brass polishing will know, once they've been polished and the old lacquer removed you have to keep it up or they just look dreary. So here, from another person who suddenly realised that she'd been singing on and off in this church for some 40 years herself, are the shining memorials to these ghosts.

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