Pictorial blethers

By blethers


I suppose I'm feeling a little jagged this evening - hence the title of this blip. We took the girls to meet their dad at Glasgow Airport today - a complicated little bit of organisation, involving lunch in a Costa near the airport while constantly checking the Plane Finder app (He's over Penrith - do we have time for lunch? sort of thing), finding the short-stay pickup point, forgetting that Glasgow city centre is a nightmare since the Mack fire and having to detour round it to park near Queen Street station (also a nightmare of renovation and change) and see the three of them onto a train with all the fond farewells that that entailed.

A brief (but quite expensive) visit to a couple of shops before returning home (we've not been in Glasgow for months); less than an hour to cook and eat dinner; out to a church meeting. House empty and untidy, and I'm too tired to do anything about it...

But back to the photo: the frontage of Princes Square in Buchanan Street. So often I forget to look up - I think I've never really looked at it in sunlight. Today the leaves that encrust the façade were gleaming in the sun, and the peacock tail above was wonderfully spiky.

Just like me.

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