Pictorial blethers

By blethers


Such a wet afternoon! I was soaked after less than an hour, but as I was desperate for a bit of exercise after days of busyness I put up with it (and put up with the waterproof over trousers so's not to soak my pal's house afterwards). In the rain, and the mist that was so far down that we were really walking in clouds, I only took one photo all day - this one. 

Actually I love it - the vivid green of the mossy grass, and these two toadstools with all their little excrescences and the perfect gleaming cup of water in the nearer one. But why, tell me, is the rain only lying in one of them? 

Answers on a postcard, please ... or better still, below!

PS I'm now back in my study after its occupation by my grandchildren, and hope to catch up on my blipping community's photos before I go on retreat on Monday.

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