Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Into the gloom ...

Despite the suggestion of knitting in the windscreen (the heating element) I rather like this apocaplyptic view of Glasgow from the M8, with its skyline of Glasgow University tower and the bones of a new building beside the motorway. Edinburgh's weather had been much less dramatic, and despite our forebodings we drove through this to find Dunoon sunny but windy and rather beautiful-looking.

We were much later than we'd intended; a long lie was followed by a leisurely breakfast (with television - definitely A Holiday Thing). Then things became more serious, as Mr PB tried to reduce the smell of vomit in the car, having discovered a hitherto unsuspected pool of it under the back seat where only fingertips could reach ...(I leave the rest to your imagination). Then we had to fortify ourselves with tea and cake (thanks to d-i-l Mary for the latter) before the adventure of doing our weekly shop in Sainsbury's, which still has the charm of a foreign supermarket to hicks like us.

We arrived home in time to strip the children's beds and unpack our various bags before cooking dinner - and found ourselves unable to believe we left here only yesterday morning. We fitted in a lot yesterday ... 

A thought: is that the way to prolong life (by making days expand) or to shorten it (by killing yourself by doing too much)?

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