Pictorial blethers

By blethers

A lunch date

Joyous lunch today with our grandchildren in our fave Chinese restaurant after a fairly stressful journey to Edinburgh. We were up at 6am to organise the packing of the smallish hire car we were using as part of our car saga; tossed our way over the gurly Firth of Clyde; swapped everything into our own car, restored to health by efficient mechanics instead of the hamfisted lot that landed us in the saga in the first place. Shortly after, as we crossed the Kingston Bridge, #4 grandchild threw up with a 30 second warning and landed us in a cleanup stop (with coffee) halfway along the M8.

But by the time we’d picked up their cousins, things were looking up. Conversation flowed over the prawn crackers and entertained us and the few other people in the restaurant for well over an hour.

It’s been lovely - but tired doesn’t quite do it!

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